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About Julian Davies

Julian Davies is a realist painter currently residing in Bethesda Maryland.  Although he has spent a lifetime pencil sketching as a means of relaxation, it was only during a five year period in Lima, Peru that he decided to use those honed technical skills to delve into the dimensions of colour through oil paints on canvas.  His subject matter is varied, but, inspired by the deeply evocative light and colours of South and Central America, there is a distinctly Latin American flavour to many of his paintings. Of late and in lockdown, he has focused more on his classic car interests, and has developed a particular obsession for painting metallic and chrome finishes with all their array of light, colour and reflection.  In all, his eye for detail is meticulous and his passion for painting comes through in his works, with every part of the painting addressed with equal care.


He has had works exhibited and sold at the Holmfirth Art Week Festival in his native Yorkshire and the Lewis Elton Gallery at the University of Surrey, whilst numerous private sales have led to paintings adorning walls on four continents. More recently he has been a member of the Yellow Barn Studio and Gallery at Glen Echo, MD and has had works exhibited at each of the last 4 Annual Members' Exhibitions, making a sale in 2017 and receiving an honourable mention in 2019 for the painting "La Pietà", which can be found in the Miscellaneous section of this website.

All of Julian’s paintings are for sale (unless otherwise indicated), either original or in print, and can also be bought in gift card form.  He is also happy to take commissions for car or portrait paintings (or cows!).

Please contact him direct for details.

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